apple pie smoothie

Apple pie smoothie

Apples are in season now. I probably wouldn’t even know that if I didn’t have an apple tree in my backyard. This year has been super hot in Sweden and I guess, because…

carrot graham bread

Carrot graham bread

Where I’m from bread is a staple food. Bread is the most essential part of the meal. Ok, almost, but if there’s no bread with the other food on the table, the…

overnight oats

Strawberry overnight oats

As I mentioned many times before, breakfast shouldn’t take too long time to prepare. Standing…

Vegan Broccoli Quiche

Vegan Broccoli Quiche

Simple vegan broccoli quiche for all the quiche lovers. I was attempting to make a broccoli quiche for a while now, and it finally happened. This is a pretty simple recipe with…